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NVI Library

Nile Vocational Institute Library offers library and information services to the Institute Community, represented by registered staff and students. The Library also offers outreach services to the Community, hereunder referred to as External users. These rules and regulations will act as guiding principles for efficient execution of services.

Library Mission

The Mission of the Library is ‘To provide adequate, relevant and timely library and information services.’ This will work within the Institute’s vision of becoming the ‘Centre of Vocational Excellence in the heart of Africa’, and the motto ‘To Form Job creators and not Job seekers.’

Library Services

  1. User Orientation
  2.  User Registration
  3. Book Lending Services
  4. Research Assistance
  5. Current awareness services

Opening Hours

Special closure

Who are the eligible users?

  1. All registered staff and students. Former NVI staff and Alumni may use the Library for reading on payment of a minimum fee.
  2. All persons entering the Library will be asked to identify themselves.
  3. All users will observe the Institute’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

Regulations regarding Borrowing.

  1. Users will be permitted to borrow only after completing the authorized Institute and Library registration procedures
  2. Students may borrow books only within their active Terms/ Semesters, unless otherwise advised by Heads of Section. Students may borrow: Up to 2 volumes at a time for 2 days from the General Open Collection, Up to 1 volume at a time from the Reserved/Short Loan Collection. This category may be checked out from 2.00pm and returned by 10.00am the next working day. Reserve books may otherwise be used within the Library.
  3. Teaching Staff may borrow up to 4 volumes for two weeks from the Open shelves and 2 volumes from the Reserve for 5 days.
  4. Non-teaching staff may borrow up to 1 volume for a week.
  5. The Due Date will be advised at the time of borrowing. All late returns of books will incur a monetary fine. No more loans will be allowed to persons who owe the Library any books or money, nor will such persons be cleared for Graduation or exit.
  6. The Library reserves the authority to recall books on high demand even before their due date.
  7. Books borrowed by one person may not be lent or exchanged outside the Library.
  8. Loss or damage of books is charged against the borrower, who will be required to replace such items in kind.
  9. The Library Card is not inter-changeable between persons, and may be demanded for identification any time in the Library. Lost Library cards must be reported immediately to the Library.
  10. Library cards are Institute property, and will be returned to the Library for disposal before graduation. Cards not returned will incur a monetary fine.

Security or Emergency.

If any alarm sounds, leave the library quickly, quietly, calmly and gather at the designated areas for instructions

Other Rules and Regulations.

  1. Bags may be kept only in the Bag section after client identification. Bags are not allowed in the Library reading space.
  2. Users should desist from shelving books. Books may only be shelved by Library staff.
  3. Reservation of seats is not acceptable, except on request.
  4. Mobile phones need be used privately and silently for research purposes within the library. Any distractions to other library users will cause a monetary fine, or dismissal from the Library.
  5. Food and drinks will not be consumed in the public library premises.

All the Institute’s Codes of Conduct (including the Dress Code) for staff and students’ over-rule in the Library.

Important Links

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Email – library@nvinjeru.ac.ug

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Twitter Handle – @nvilibrary

Ask the Librarian – librarian@nvinjeru.ac.ug